Massages at Sukha house

Full body and mind experience

Did you know that at Sukha vacation house we can organize a Massage for you and your partner that is performed at the house, or in the nature surrounding the house?

Why massage is good for your body?

A massage stimulates your nervous system; wakes up your muscles, organs, and glands; moves blood and lymph fluid, and gets multitudes of cells to produce and release chemicals and hormones. Your body needs a massage to renew itself and reverse the effects of stress.

Massages in offer

Full Body Massage

60 min / 50 per person

Ajna Art Aroma Massage

70 min / 55  per person

Hot Stone Massage

60 min / 55   per person

Pregnancy Massage

40 min / 45 per person

Footreflexology massage

40 min / 45 per person

Couples Massage

60 min / 90  for 2 persons

How to book a Massage?

Massage can be booked only as an additional service for guests that stay at Sukha Vacation House for a minimum of 2 nights. While/after booking your stay please let us know via email or message that you would require a massage service, and we will make all the arrangements for you. We can not guarantee you will get an appointment without prior reservation.

How to pay for a massage?

You will pay for your massage prior of arrival via bank account. Once the massage is performed, you will get an invoice for the service. 

    Who will preform a massage?

    Massage will be performed by a licensed massage therapist from Ajna Art Massage studio.