Digital nomad accommodation in Croatia
Međimurje is a destination on the move. Geographically, it is one of the most interesting areas in Croatia for active holidays.

In the northernmost part of Croatia, bounded by two rivers, there is located Međimurje, small in size, but big in heart. What it offers must be experienced by all senses: smell the freshness of the air, enjoy the taste of tradition and rest your eyes on the peaceful sight of nature. Straight roads of Lower Međimurje and the meandering paths of Upper Međimurje make a unique landscape. The main ornaments of “the Croatian flower garden”, as it was named long ago, are carefully landscaped yards of country houses, fertile arable land, and hills on whose slopes grapevines are looking forward to the sun and rain. Come, be a part of it.

Digital nomad accommodation package

Package includes:

  • Entire 2 bedroom house with fully equipped kitchen and 2 bathrooms
  • Welcome orientation
  • Free bike rental
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Sheets and towels
  • Complementary wine bottle
  • Usage of outdoor spaces as well as the barbecue
  • Fast Wi-FI + printer
  • Office table

Other services for an extra charge:

  • clothes washing and ironing
  • transfers from & to the airport


  • 819 eur / for 1-2 person per week (7 nights)
  • 1538 eur / for 3-4 person per week (7 nights)

How to get a visa as a digital nomad in Croatia?

A DIGITAL NOMAD IS a third-country national who is employed or performs work through communication technology for a company or his own company that is not registered in the Republic of Croatia and does not perform work or provide services to employers in the Republic of Croatia.

Click here for visa application process and information.

Did you know?

Being a nomad is not easy, but with as many as 34% of employees working from home (nowadays this percentage is much higher) 4-5 days a week outside the office, the digital nomadic lifestyle could be an exciting option if you want to get rid of the typical ” 8 to 4 ”lifestyle. Graphic designers, content authors, video editors, English teachers, travel bloggers, developers, e-commerce gurus – any conceivable profession that can be done via laptop and a strong internet connection can become remote.

One of the main benefits of digital nomadism is the freedom you have. Whether we are talking about work or free time. You will tailor your working hours and obligations, and thus your free-time activities. There are many options and the advantages are clear, that is why we join rentals around the world with our special offer for travelers from far and near countries and regions who want to stay in Međimurje for a longer period of time.

Many digital nomads cite higher productivity as well as motivation for work as an advantage, and Međimurje is a destination where they will not be bored at all. Explore the northernmost point of Croatia and the Mill on the Mura, newly opened Čakovec Museum Treasury of Međimurje as well as more than 30 wineries in the area. Međimurje will not disappoint with its offer.

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