Ecxeptional attention to every detail

Located in the peaceful nature of Medjimurje

With a view that inspires

Sukha Vacation House

At Sukha Vacation House we put focus on YOU and your connection with nature and your inner spirit. Located on the heart of nature, it invites you to relax your eyes in the greenest of the greens, dive into the diversity of Međimurje and immerse yourself in the healing power of the fresh air. Step from the house right into nature or discover what Međimurje has to offer.

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Do you want to fully enjoy your time at Sukha Vacation House? Explore some of the activities we have prepared for you. 

Explore Walking paths nearby

Take a Mindful walk without a destination.

Swim in Thermomineral water

Did you know that Terme Sveti Martin and thermal pools are just a 4-minute drive away?

Get to know Medimurje

Meet the the cradle of food and wine culture, with a tradition perfectly balanced between the past and the future!